All About Tile Backer Board Installation You Must Know

2 min readFeb 15, 2021


For obviously a beautiful and long-lasting tile installation, you need to ensure that everything is properly practiced. The key element for the foundation of the installation is to choose a correct underlayment. Here is all you need to know about the tile backer board installation.

Three Types of Underlayment for Tile are -

They fall into main three categories:

  1. Backer boards
  2. Floor Underlayment Preparation Materials
  3. Membranes

To have proper knowledge of one is critical to launching the right installation.

Things to consider while choosing a staircase solution

Stairs are used in the form of elevators in buildings or houses and often play a very important role as an emergency exit. Until today, staircases are built using marbles and granite, which gives a good finishing overall. But if you adopt the modern techniques, there is less labor and wastage. These days, people often choose to go for tile stair risers that act as a good alternative solution.

When you have a house with two or more tiers, stairs are tangled in that case. So, why don’t you make your house look elegant and more beautiful? Creative and innovative stair tiles can be useful in making staircases look appealing. At the same time, it adds practicality.

Are you still confused about what type of tiles to choose for your stairs, here are the top choices for you to consider –

· Use classy granite

· Install inventive mosaic tiles on the stair riser

· Choose for two-tone marble tiles

· Pristine white material adds an aura to the staircase

· You can also use colorful marble tiles for pool stairs

· Always go for a neutral matte ceramic tile

· Panel wood-finished tile is a good option

· Add a fun element to your house staircase; fiber tiles

Measuring stairs for tiles can be an off-putting task, however by means of this short article, it is believed that you will feel more informed and certain to measure up your own stairs better. Therefore, overall you should know what to select for an effective tile backer board floor and what kind of tiles to choose for your stairs.